• How You Help

    Over the past 15 years, donors have provided approximately $21 million toward medical equipment and technology at Burnaby Hospital. This amount is nearly half of the total dollars spent on medical equipment over the period.

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  • Connecting you to what matters

    For decades now, Burnaby Hospital Foundation has helped ensure a high standard of medical care for the patients who visit our hospital. Since 2013, the foundation had adopted a broader vision—one that emphasizes health and wellness in the entire community.

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  • Create a Lasting Memory for Someone Special

    Your In Memory page allows you to share photos, memories and personal messages with family and friends.


Partnering With You For Excellence In Health Care

Did you know that there isn't a BC hospital that is fully government funded? Modest government funding is nowhere near enough to ensure the high quality of health care we've come to expect. Hospitals are expensive to operate, but crucial to our medical needs. Donations fund approximately half the cost of Burnaby Hospital's new or upgraded medical equipment and technology. In fact, over the past 15 years, donors have given close to $21 million for new equipment at the hospital. That figure doesn't  include dollars raised for clinical education, for hospital programs or for the community wellness initiatives that also rely on donations to exist.

That's where Burnaby Hospital Foundation steps in.

As the fundraising arm of the hospital, we bridge the gap between what government provides and what our community needs. But, our role goes beyond raising awareness and funds.

Our broader purpose is to ensure Burnaby Hospital serves the the health needs of all generations because we know that vibrant communities are healthy communities. We are surrounded by everyday heroes who inspire us and drive our passion for what we do. They're the people we meet in the hospital hallways. Sometimes they're medical staff; sometimes they're brave-faced patients undergoing treatment. Often they're people who step into our office with a desire to give back and tell us their stories. We see compassion every day and we find inspiration with every story we hear.

Make a Donation to the Burnaby Hospital Foundation

Make a donation to Burnaby Hospital Foundation

Choosing to donate to Burnaby Hospital Foundation means you're making a difference in the lives of people in your community. You're building better patient care now, and for years to come. We appreciate all gifts; no contribution is too small.

Make a Difference
Shoppers Drug Mart raises over $18,000 for growing women's health at Burnaby Hospital

Shoppers Drug Mart raises over $18,000 for growing women's health at Burnaby Hospital

As part of their 2017 Growing Women’s Health campaign, Shoppers Drug Mart has raised $18,603 for Burnaby Hospital Foundation. There were six participating stores that helped make this possible; each chose Burnaby Hospital Foundation as…

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