Inspirational Stories

Giving Back is Good Business

Bob Goble with friend Jim Yaschuk and Thor.

Longtime Burnaby businessman Bob Goble values his community and supports Burnaby Hospital.

When Bob Goble got his first job in the late 1940s working part-time at the Safeway on Gilmore and Hastings in Burnaby, he never dreamed he'd be acquiring the skills he'd need to start his own business.

Sister, Sister

Sister, Sister

Two sisters, Margaret and Flora McCallum, leave the ultimate legacy for their community hospital.

Their story began when their father, Hugh, journeyed from Scotland to Canada (and ultimately Burnaby) to build their family home. When the home was built, his wife Mary followed (children in tow) first by steamer ship and then by train to join Hugh.

Dr. Kenneth C. Hill, the Spirit of Philanthropy

Super-Dads at Burnaby Hospital

Super-Dads at Burnaby Hospital

Burnaby Hospital is proud to have many amazing dads, from our friendly volunteers to our hard-working ER staff. Leading up to Father’s day this week, we want to feature a few of our all-star dads.

Every day is a different day for him in Burnaby Hospital’s busy Emergency Department. A Registered Nurse, Tristan Newby relishes in the fact that his days are never typical; in fact, far from it. In any given day, he might provide care to a patient with a GI bleed, a psychiatry patient who needs support, or even a crying infant with a fever. Each visit by these patients marks a significant moment. And as a new father, Tristan knows a thing or two about significant moments. There was no greater significant moment for Tristan than when his son, Logan, was born. And while his training has prepared him for his daily life in the ER, he muses that “becoming a parent is a life transition that someone can never be prepared for.”


Dear Burnaby Hospital,

When we received the call from Tim’s work place, that he had been seriously injured and was taken to the hospital, I must admit that I had several visions of long waits, delays, or staff who were unable to attend to him.  The vision of a grinding machine embedded into our son’s hand was not a pleasant one.